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Friday, April 28, 2006


Hannity Finally Cracks

It took five days, but Sean Hannity finally broke down due to all those pesky callers asking him why his best bud Joe hasn't been on the show in over two months. Read and listen:

Steve: Oh, Sean… I’m a Marine and I’ve got to tell you that nothing is going to change better for this country until we root out the corruption. Wall Street Journal today says that Congressmen that sat on the Defense and the Intelligence committees were involved in a prostitution ring, so while they weren’t playing golf with Jack Abramoff at luxury golf resorts in Scotland, they were slick willying prostitutes in Washington… Meanwhile, 5 Democrats were arrested crosstown because they were protesting Darfur because the Republican Congress and the Republican President won’t get off their butt and make this world a better place. They are allowing a rascist genocide to go on while they’re FREQUENTING PROSTITUTES SEAN!!

Sean: Yeah, Yeah…

Steve: And you are standing up for them!

Sean: Yeah… Uh. You’re wrong. Goodbye. I don’t believe a word this guy said about being a Republican. Let me tell you what is happening. There are these websites ladies and gentleman, and I actually read them and I am amused by them where liberals say “Now when you call talk shows” - and you can tell by the way this guy was reading - “When you call Hannity’s show, ask him where Joe Lieberman is!! Where’s Joe Lieberman…” you know, and things like this. Which is fine, we want everybody to call the show. And you’re welcome to be on, but when it’s clear you’re agenda driven and you’re not about real, honest dialogue… we’re just gonna move on…

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