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Thursday, May 18, 2006


Is There A "Do Not Call" Registry For Delegates?

Sounds like they need one:

"He actually called me four times," said Sanchez, a Head Start administrator who had been angry with Lieberman over the war and skeptical of his commitment to Democratic ideals. "I had four conversations with him."

Four times? I'd rather have four conversations with Gilbert Gottfried. No wonder the guy agreed to support him. Seems a small price to pay to stop having a patronizing one-way "dialogue" with Sen. Stalker.

The Courant also reports that:

Lieberman, an Orthodox Jew, will be absent from the convention Friday night in observance of the Sabbath. In other years, he has recorded a message accepting the nomination.

This year, Lieberman has decided that a prerecorded message would be inappropriate. His acceptance speech will be delivered by a surrogate, Rep. Rosa DeLauro, D-3rd District.

Why is this year different from all other years? Could it be that Joe is afraid of getting booed again?
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