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Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Survey USA May Numbers

The latest SUSA tracking poll is out (conducted on 5/15, well before the convention), and there's not much movement, which is bad news for Lieberman:

Excellent analysis. Is Lamont mentioned anywhere in the numbers, or just incumbents are rated?
No, it's just a tracking poll of all 50 U.S. senators. Hopefully we'll see some new polls on the race itself soon.
Let's face it. The GOP is Lieberman's base.
"Dodd and Lieberman may be similarly popular in CT overall, but they get their support from entirely different parties. In terms of their bases of support, there's no debate: Connecticut has one Republican and one Democratic senator."

good work; an excellent analysis!
When somebody throws Joe's 56/40 favorable numbers with Dem's at us, thanks to this, we now have something to respond with. (e.g. Perhaps, but he's a lot more popular with Republicans -- doesn't that tell you something?)

That being said, Joe's still got decent numbers and serious name recognition over Ned. There's a lot of serious work that needs to be done.
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