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Sunday, June 18, 2006


Sunday Morning Round-Up

Joe Courtney says he'll support the Dem nominee in the Courant.

The two Democrats waging a primary for the gubernatorial nomination, John DeStefano Jr. and Dannel P. Malloy, each say their loyalty lies with the Democratic nominee. Most, if not all, of the congressional nominees are likely to take a similar stance. Joe Courtney, the Democratic challenger for Congress in the 2nd District, said he will work in November for the Democratic ticket.

The Murphy campaign reiterates their statement:

Sarah Merriam, who is managing Democrat Christopher Murphy's congressional challenge in the 5th District, is on the same page. "No matter what happens on Aug. 8, Chris and the campaign are supporting the Democratic candidate. We are supporting everybody who is on our line," Merriam said.
"The Lamont campaign would love to see Lieberman file that paperwork [to run as an independent]. But I doubt any other Democrat running for election this year would."

-Ray Hacket in the column this post links to

More evidence that Lamont supporters are more interested in their character assassination of Joe Lieberman than in winning the House and Senate in November, or in supporting the state party.
lieberblogger, Ray Hackett didn't cite a source for his assumption that the Lamont campaign or supporters would love to see Lieberman file paperwork to run as an independent. Those words were Hackett's not the Lamont campaign's or supporters.

Ned Lamont will defeat Lieberman whether he runs in the Dem Primary or as an Independet. What the Lamont campaign and supporters want to know is why Lieberman threatens Democrats with running as an Independent when he claims he will die a Democrat? And why does Lieberman hate the democratic process he claims to want to promote in Muslim nations? Primaries are part of the democratic process.
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