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Thursday, September 28, 2006



The new Zogby/WSJ poll out today shows the race well within the margin of error, with Lieberman (Lieberman) at 45.8%, Lamont at 44%:


Very clear trendline, too.

Update: An emailer writes in with words that I wish I had come up with myself:

Everyone wants to be a media critic and a prognosticator and talk about what the campaign is not doing, but what they're missing is that they ARE the campaign. In a very real sense. What they are not doing is what the campaign is not doing.

Want to help? Do a couple of hours of phone-banking tonight. Knock on some doors this weekend. Contact your local CD office and volunteer. They'd love to have you.

Or, if you're out of state, use the brand-new Family, Friends, and Neighbors tool to send personalized postcards to your friends in CT - Dems, Republicans, and unaffiliateds.

This is the type of work that won the primary. And this is the type of work that will win in November.
Good luck Ned.

Lots of fingers crossed.

This pair from an Englishman, in Thailand.

The stakes in these USA midterms COULD NOT BE HIGHER.

It is your LAST CHANCE.

fail to get a majority and remove these genocidal crooks from office and I HIGHLY DOUBT you will be having a presidential election in 2008. There will be SOME EXCUSE.

"Terrah" or something.

Go for it.
If the Connecticut voter is so oblivious to the facts then those who want mediocrity and pandering to Bush as the operating standard of their Senator then Lieberman is the right guy for the job.
If those who support such sad examples of representation deserve what they get. I have a tiny hope that these sad people will do Connecticut the justice of looking at Lieberman’s pathetic record and along with those across the country who support the status quos will vote out this “stay the course” mentality in November!

We need Leadership in Washington not sell out cowards and Milk toasts like Lieberman.
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