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Monday, October 16, 2006


Video: Lieberman Mum on Whether He'll Remain a Dem if Stripped of Seniority

Joe left the debate room before bloggers or any of the other regular folks in attendance could ask him a question, while both Lamont and Schlesinger hung around chatting with both media and attendees.

But try as he might, he couldn't evade the omnipresent Spazeboy:

For the record, Lieberman did not say he would remain in the Democratic caucus if stripped of his seniority. He evaded the question.

For months, he would not say whether he would bolt the party if he lost the primary. He evaded that question, too.
God! that attitude! Overwhelmingly, Connecticut Democrats oppose the Iraq War and his attitude was "Eat it." Challenging him is an affront.

If Lieberman won the Democrats would have a hard time telling Lautenberg he can't have his seniority back when he rescued the New Jersey Senate seat for them.
Here are links to online videos of the Senate debate, as well as other Congressional candidate debates and interviews.
The way to bring this up is to ask why Joe Lieberman thinks he should have more seniority than Frank Lautenberg.

What if Lieberman keeps his seniority and Democrats vote to restore Frank Lautenberg's seniority*? Lautenberg would become Chairman or Ranking member of the Homeland Security committee over Lieberman if Lautenberg gets his seniority restored.

Frame the question as Lieberman asking for special treatment over Lautenberg, not Lieberman being punished for running as CfL candidate.

Ask why Lieberman should be able to deny the will of Democratic party voters and still leapfrog 82 year old Frank Lautenberg in seniority? Why is Joe Lieberman so special that he gets his own set of rules?

All the voters who think Joe should be punished are solidly in the Lamont camp. In the general election you have to lead people to the contradictions that highlight Lieberman's self-centered hypocrisy.

*Lautenberg retired for 2 years from the NJ Senate and returned to save the NJ seat for the Dems when Bob Torricelli's campaign imploded on ethics charges.
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