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Monday, February 20, 2006


Lamont on WTNH: "We're A Go"

Ned Lamont was interviewed by Mark Davis on the WTNH 6pm news this evening (video included in the link). A short, informative, generally positive segment. Lamont's exact words on the campaign:

Lamont told me today there is no more doubt about his running.

"Yeah, we're a go, Mark, we've been traveling all over the state, talked to hundreds of people, thousands have come to our website and they're really encouraging us to do it, and I want to do it," says Lamont.

On possible campaign themes:

Lamont says opposition within the Democratic Party for Lieberman's strong position in favor of the war in Iraq has blossomed among activists.

"They think the war is distorting our priorities, it's taking away from medicare, student loans and veteran's benefits. They blame the war."

And on the self-funding question, some qualified good news:

He says he knows Lieberman can raise a lot of money and is ready for the challenge but Lamont says he will spend whatever he has to, of his own money to get a campaign started.

"I'm going to do enough to get us off to a credible start. Seed money, that's what I've told folks, we're going to get the best campaign staff in the state. We've got them on board now."

This campaign will not be stillborn.
Great Ned Lamont blog, any chance of a link to the Ned Lamont Resource?

URL - http://www.laresistance.us/blog/ned-lamont-la-resistance-round-up/
Done... I thought I had linked there already, actually.
Thanks so much!

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