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Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Changing His Tune on Multimillionaires

It turns out Jon Corzine, who ended up spending a record $68 million of his own money to win his senate race in 2000, wasn't the only multimillionaire candidate for whom Joe Lieberman has recently campaigned.

In 2000, he had this to say about Maria Cantwell (D-WA) at a campaign stop in Washington state (from the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Nov. 6, 2000, p. A1):

While he is a personal friend of [then-incumbent GOP Sen. Slade] Gorton, Lieberman warmly embraced Cantwell's candidacy last night.

"She is the right person at the right time," he said. "She combines extraordinary experience in the private sector and an outstanding record in the public sector."

Cantwell ended up spending over $10 million of her own money to win her senate seat.

Six years ago, Joe had no problem with candidates self-funding. Now, suddenly, it's an issue. Right.

In the meantime, Ned Lamont continues to rake in small contributions from the grassroots, raising over $35,000 from over 825 individuals through DFA.
I guess I'm in the minority opinion on this one.

If I were running for office and had loads of cash to spend, then why not part with some of it?

After all, you can't really "buy" your way into the Congress.

Case in point, Katherine "Cruella de Ville" Harris. She's going to spend $10 million of her own money and she's going down.
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