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Sunday, June 18, 2006


Courtney "Will Work for Democratic Ticket" in November

Updated and bumped:

In the Courant today, Joe Courtney's campaign confirmed that he will be supporting the Democratic nominee for senate in November (hat tip MikeCT):

Joe Courtney, the Democratic challenger for Congress in the 2nd District, said he will work in November for the Democratic ticket.

I've also received confirmation that the following Democratic candidates and officials have said they will unconditionally support the winner of the Democratic primary for senate: State Rep. Michael Cardin (53rd district - Tolland/Willington/Ashford), Kim Fawcett (candidate for State Rep., 133rd district - Fairfield/Westport), and Lex Paulson (candidate for State Rep., 142nd district - Norwalk).

This is in addition to previous unequivocal statements by DeStefano, Malloy, and Chirs Murphy, all saying they will refuse to bolt the party along with Joe.

Hearing any more names of Democrats who are committing to supporting the Democratic candidate? Get your local officials on the record and let us know.
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