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Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Labor Refuses to Back Lieberman Indy Bid

In a likely fatal blow to any Lieberman plans to leave the party, the AFL-CIO today refused to endorse an independent Lieberman candidacy in November, flying in the face of statements made yesterday about supporting Joe in November regardless of how he fared in the primary. BranfordBoy described the stakes earlier today. (Update: To clarify, as expected, the AFL-CIO did endorse Joe for the primary only).

And Maura has a must-read post on Joe Lieberman's pandering and insulting rhetoric in front of union members yesterday:

Something patently offensive to progressives comes out of Joe's mouth just about every day nowadays, but as a union member I have to say that this one wins the "Clueless Joe" award of the week. Addressing members of the CT AFL-CIO, Joe arrogantly claimed:

"I have earned your decision to rehire me," Lieberman said. Then he smiled and added, "As a matter of fact I think if you fired me now, based on my experience and record, it would be an unfair labor practice."

Well, gee, is Joe going to call up his union shop steward and file a grievance about democracy?

Somewhere along the line, Joe Lieberman forgot that the privilege of public office is not a lifetime appointment; nor is it an automatically renewable union contract.

I am absolutely aghast that Lieberman would say this to an AFL-CIO audience. He probably had their support sewn up until he uncorked this whopper!
now is the time for MoveOn to fund an TV ad campaign spotlighting joe's support for free trade agreements, which would absolutely wipe out blue-collar support for joe -

ned cannot do it all -

where are you MoveOn?
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