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Monday, June 26, 2006


Republicans To Help Joe

The right-wing American Spectator fills us in on how GOP insiders are planning to help Ann Coulter's Favorite Democrat:


All of that bad Democrat news makes the ongoing saga between Connecticut Democrat, Sen. Joe Lieberman, and his party all the more interesting. At a time when his party can ill afford to alienate centrist constituencies across the country, it is doing just that with Lieberman, and some senior Republicans are wondering whether they shouldn't get into the fight to help Lieberman despite the fact that a weakened Lieberman could mean a win for their expected nominee in the state, Alan Schlesinger.

"Lieberman has been a more loyal American and a real leader for our nation than some of the men we have on our side of the aisle in the Senate," says a Republican fundraiser. "I don't want to see Lieberman lose to a leftist nut like Ned Lamont."

How nice of Republicans to help Joe out, so that Democrats will avoid "alienating centrist constituencies."

It's so rare that Republicans try sincerely to help the Democratic party like that.
Would the Repubs actually camapign for Lieberman to the detriment of their own (token) candidate though, that's the question.
Of course they would.

Joe Lieberman is pure gold to them, and his views are well-liked by the Republicans; Schlesinger is an "X-factor"...hell, he could concievably turn out to be a (gasp!) Liberal Republican!
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