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Wednesday, August 02, 2006


If You Need Cash, Joe Needs You

(Bumped - and if you want to help Ned combat millionaire lawyer Joe Lieberman's $10 million campaign and army of paid workers on the ground, Ned needs you!)

My favorite part is the New Jersey area code (973) :)
Wow, good catch Anon.

Does the Lieberman campaign do ANY printing at union shops? Why are they so damned cheap about their materials? They have $10 million, so every time they choose to do "in house" work it merely shows their complete disdain for the value of union labor.
Uh-oh T.Party, we should have got together on this one. When I posted the flyer, I blocked out all but the LAST four digits. You left in the FIRST three digits!

That means a persistant kid with a calling card may figure out the number by dialing the phone somewhere under a thousand times!

Let's not make this too easy for 'em!
Heh. Sorry Bob!
I posted the entire online ad, phone number..e-mail..intact over at myleftnutmeg.

Does anyone think the spelling mistakes were deliberate, or just that these people are that stupid?
Here's some folks who need the cash so badly, he's bussing them in from out of state and putting them up: College Republicans.
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