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Wednesday, August 02, 2006


"Lieberman Party" Petitions Being Turned In

The Journal-Inquirer finds out that town clerks across the state are reporting similar mysterious phemomena this past week: papers full of signatures are starting to trickle in to their offices, all with the words "Connecticut for Lieberman" at the top. But no one will admit to submitting them:

Manchester Town Clerk Joseph V. Camposeo said today that his office received 450 signatures that must be examined. East Hartford Clerk Sharon A. Miller said her office has received 154, and Vernon Town Clerk Bernice K. Dixon's office reported today that 213 signatures have been turned in....

Lieberman campaign spokeswoman Marion Steinfels declined to comment on the petition drive early today, saying only that the senator has directed his campaign staff to remain focused on the primary.

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