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Thursday, August 10, 2006


Le Parti, C'est Moi

Joe knows what's best for you stupid Democrats who turned out in record numbers to vote in the primary:

"I've made this decision. I'm sticking with it. I'm doing it for a reason. I believe it's the right reason," Lieberman said. "I think it's important for my state. I believe it's important for my party."

Update: Thinking more about this, the sheer contempt for the Democratic Party coming from Sen. Lieberman (Lieberman-CT) in this quote goes far beyond anything he's said yet. He thinks that he alone is the arbiter of what's "important" for the party whose expressed opinion through the democratic process he is disregarding, whose local and national leaders he is ignoring, and whose values he is now attacking in the person of Ned Lamont (D-CT).

It's one thing for Joe to say he wants to run as an Independent because he believes he is no longer part of the Democratic party, and wants to allow his strong base of Republicans to vote for him (although making that case after running in the party's primary trying to burnish his progressive credentials would be pretty hard).

But it's another thing entirely to run as an Independent - playing footsie with Karl Rove, Ken Mehlman, and the state GOP - while having the audacity to claim he is doing so because he alone knows what's best for "my party."

Anytime Joe Lieberman attacks Ned Lamont (D-CT) now, he is attacking the Democratic Party itself.
Time was when democrats and republicans did what they thought was right for their Country. They take an oath of office that makes no mention of "the party" Joe, like many democrats, feels that the party has left him, and he wants to do what he feels is right for the country. Let the people decide.
The people decided. They voted against Lieberman.

In record numbers.

If Joe wants to do what he thinks is right for his Connecticut for Lieberman Party, that's his choice, not the people's choice.
Palmer is right. Joe can't possibly be talking about the Democratic party. He said "my" party, and he's clearly no longer a Democrat.
The people are the PEOPLE OF CONNECTICUT. They are Joe's constituents not just the democrat party
When Joe says it's "important for his party", he must mean he thinks it's important for his own Cut-And-Run Party of One, right?

Lieberman has been expunged from the Democratic party. Surely he's not still trying to claim he's a Democrat?
The right wing has been working to overturn legitimate (small-d) democratic institutions for years, now.

Energy Analyst, do you believe there shouldn't be primaries? Or are you just talking shit because you think it's funny?
I'm saying that the guy has the right to do what he wants. If he feels that his party has abandoned the principles that he believes in he has the right to take matters into his own hands. Beat him at the ballot where all his constituents get a say and then its over. I think he still has a right to his opinion doesnt he. If he believes that his primary was hijacked by the wingnuts he should be able to take the referendum to ALL his constituents. The left wing has been talking about diversity and inclusiveness forever, yet it seems that those things are only allowed if you agree with the left wing.
Joe has the right to disagree with the left wing infected nutcase infested Democratic Party! Politics shouldn't be based on party, they should be based on the candidate! Joe isn't endorsing Lamont because he doesn't believe Lamont would make a good US Senator! I say Joe should run in November as an Independent!!!!!!!!!!!
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