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Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Two-Way Tie for 2nd Place?

It's amazing how Joe can keep losing elections and calling himself a winner.
Congratulations, Connecticut Democrats, Mr. Lamont, all of the people at Lamontblog.

Joe Lieberman wouldn't committ to the Democrats of his home state, I believe his plan was always to jump the party as soon as it was in HIS best interest to do so. I don't know what he might have been at one time but he is a person with an astoundingly inflated view of himself now. One suspects that the Republicans knew that the quickest way to his heart was through the camera.

I hope to be saying Senator Lamont in January.
The witch is dead!

Well... the witch is still gonna run as a independent.

And... polls show he can win a three way race. Just like, when Lamont's candidacy started, the polls showed that the witch would trounce him...

Lieberman's done. He's just being silly now.
Lieberman is Limburgh Cheese, old and out of style. He needs to leave with dignity. His ego likely inflated while he was upstairs in his private suite. Give him time, he'll make his way to the boiler room.

Three time loser...

VP 2000
Pres 2004
Senate 2006

Take a hint Lieberman
I don't give a god damn who Ned Lamont is. This is a Bush take down, nothing more, nothing less. The price Joe Lieberman is paying is NOTHING. He gets to go home. How about our men and women on the battlefield who have died for NOTHING??? Support this, former senator from Connecticut.
Did anyone notice Joe in his "concession" speech in effect called himself a "uniter, not a divider"? Was Karl Rove speaking through him as a puppet? Has Joe become a pod person for the White House? Time for him to get the message and hang it up. It's only going to get worse for him.
Time was when democrats and republicans did what they thought was right for their Country. They take an oath of office that makes no mention of "the party" Joe, like many democrats, feels that the party has left him, and he wants to do what he feels is right for the country. Let the people decide.
I support Joe and the Bush Administration! Not you liberal bloggers! Right on energyanalyst! I hope Lamont loses in the fall!!
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