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Monday, July 31, 2006


Democrats - Minus Lieberman - Are United on Iraq

Reid. Pelosi. Biden. Murtha. The leadership of both houses of Congress and the Democratic ranking members of all relevant committees.

The entire spectrum of Democratic lawmakers today signed on to a new, unified Democratic position on Iraq as spelled out in a letter to President Bush calling on him specifically to begin the redeployment of troops before the end of 2006, and to change course the failed approach to Iraq in general.

While the world has been focused on the crisis in the Middle East, Iraq has exploded in violence. Some 6,000 Iraqis were killed in May and June, and sectarian and insurgent violence continues to claim American and Iraqi lives at an alarming rate. In the face of this onslaught, one can only conclude that the Baghdad security plan you announced five weeks ago is in great jeopardy....

In the interests of American national security, our troops, and our taxpayers, the open-ended commitment in Iraq that you have embraced cannot and should not be sustained....

Iraqi political leaders must be informed that American patience, blood and treasure are not unlimited. We were disappointed that you did not convey this message to Prime Minister Maliki during his recent visit....

Mr. President, simply staying the course in Iraq is not working. We need to take a new direction.

While Sen. Lieberman continues to blindly support the Bush and Cheney on Iraq, Sen. Lamont would have signed on to this new position. Watch this new videoblog from Ned Lamont and then and then join the conversation with Ned on Iraq:

Update: Even Republican Sen. Chuck Hagel agrees that we need to change course in Iraq. Even Republicans don't agree with Joe.
And yet many of those Democrats still support Lieberman despite the choice of an alternative.
Politicians are strange folk...
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