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Thursday, August 10, 2006


Quote Of The Day

"I called him. He's a personal friend."

- Karl Rove describing his supportive election-day telephone call to Sen. Lieberman (Lieberman-CT).

Update: Joe must have listened to his advice. Two days after the phone call and he's already attacking the Democratic party on national security using Karl Rove's terms:

"If we just pick up like Ned Lamont wants us to do, get out by a date certain, it will be taken as a tremendous victory by the same people who wanted to blow up these planes in this plot hatched in England. It will strengthen them and they will strike again."

Shorter Joe: "The Democratic Party loves terrorists."

I wonder what Sen. Dodd, Sen. Clinton, and other Democrats think of the Lieberman Party becoming a fully owned subsidiary of Karl Rove and Dick Cheney.
OMG Joe is friends with a republican. Lynching is too good for him.
Joe is not just friends with a Republican. He draws much of his support from Republicans:

Learn how Republicans are financing his campaign

Examine Lieberman's strong support from Supreme Leader Bush and a gaggle of TV and talk radio wackjobs

Learn how College Republicans campaigned for Joe in the Democratic primary
I wish it weren't true, but I saw this coming as soon as I heard the reports.

I thought to myself, "Thank G-d Lieberman is still in teh senate to save us all!!1!1!!"

So sick.
maybe because they see him as a principled senator. Someone who doesnt take a poll and then decide his position.
Oh, you mean his "principles", like on the Iraq war. Last year, Lieberman rose to the defense of Donald Rumsfeld, saying there was "no reason" to consider replacing him. As recently as two weeks ago "Principles Lieberman" vowed that we must Stay The Course no matter what.

In a mighty election-week Flip-Flop, Principles Lieberman capitulated on these and many other war-related points, trying hard to make his position seem as much like Lamont's as he could. You can read his "NYT Final Notes" speech to follow through this.

Joe Lieberman's "principles" shift with the polls.
but if he shifted with the polls he would have dumped the iraq war. try harder honey
last time i checked dodd and clinton backed the war just like joe and voted to deprive us all of civil liberties by voting for the Patriot Act..Why would they be any different then Joe? As i see it..all 3 are lousy
2 out of 3 aint bad
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