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Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Six Years Ago

According to the Y2K version of Dan Gerstein, Sen. Lieberman's last run for senate was all about heeding the sage advice of Democratic leaders in the state and doing no harm to the party.

"Senator Lieberman and our campaign staff canvassed the Democratic leadership in the state," Mr. Gerstein said, "and the clear message back was that it was not only acceptable but the appropriate and necessary thing to do."

- Then-Lieberman Press Secretary Dan Gerstein on the importance of asking for and listening to the opinion of "Democratic leadership in the state" on the question of whether Sen. Lieberman should have continued to simultaneously run for Senate and Vice President in August 2000. (From "Lieberman Confirms Plan to Stay in Race for Senate While Seeking Vice Presidency," Paul Zeilbauer, New York Times, August 12, 2000.)

While Lieberman considered dropping out, Gerstein said, he ultimately decided it "would cause a lot of instability and potentially hurt the party if he took his name off the ballot."

- Then-Lieberman Press Secretary Dan Gerstein on the importance of not "hurt[ing] the party," arguing against Sen. Lieberman's withdrawal from the senate race in August 2000. (From "Lieberman confirms he'll stay in Senate race, too," Matthew Daly, Associated Press, August 10, 2000.)

Update: More from 2000:

"There was a concern expressed by many folks that pulling out at this time would set off a free-for-all in a very pressed time frame," says Dan Gerstein, Lieberman's spokesman. "His candidacy is a question of what's going to be in the best interest of the Democratic Party and the state."

- Then-Lieberman Press Secretary Dan Gerstein on the importance of doing what's "in the best interest of the Democratic Party" in August 2000. (From "Lieberman runs dual races," Charisse Jones, USA Today, September 1, 2000.)
My, how times have changed.
I guess he didn't consider Dick Blumenthol a "leader in the Democratic Party" then either.

Gersteins been a professional liar for a very long time.I wonder if he did his apprenticeship under Lanny Davis?
I was the Chair of the State Party Finance Committee in 2000 and Joementum didnt consult with me over his dual run...this Gerstein article is total bullshit.
OT, but Ed Kilgore at TPMCafe has a great suggestion that Mr Lamont would be crazy not to heed. Basically (Ned should demand):

I want to hear the Senator make an irrevocable and non-ambiguous commitment to join the Democratic caucus if he should defeat me in November.

Read the rest
Well in six years, Dan has gone from Democratic Joe Liebrman's Press Secretary to Connecticut for Lieberman Party Communications Director. This is a move up to a corner office position obviously.

Should we throw in subcontracting as one of Karl Rove's Stenographers as well? That's a "heck of a good job, Brownie" move.
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