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Monday, August 14, 2006


De Facto

It really has been educational to observe Joe Lieberman over this past week. From his acceptance speech at the inaugural Lieberman Convention Tuesday night to his acceptance of financial and political support from across the right wing, he has run right into the open arms of Republicans, his ideological soulmates for the past 18 years who are suddenly free to accept him as one of their own - and vice versa - with no hesitation or worries about repercussions.

Two more examples from today:

1) Sen. Lieberman (Lieberman-CT) personally and happily accepted the support of President Bush and Gov. Rell:

But the President’s statement of neutrality, combined with Governor Rell’s lack of support for my Republican opponent, is encouraging, simply because it shows I have a strong chance to build a broad coalition of Democrats, Independents, and Republicans in Connecticut for a new politics of unity and purpose in Washington.

2) Sen. Lieberman (Lieberman-CT)'s campaign virulently attacked Rep. Sanders (I-VT) and Rev. Sharpton:

How could [Lamont] expect to convince "moderate Democrats, Republicans, and most importantly, unaffiliated voters" that he "would be anything other than a rigid partisan rubber stamp in the Senate," the Lieberman spokesman asked, "when the only proof of his independence he can show is that he is slightly to the right of socialist Bernie Sanders on fiscal policy?"

"Why should anyone outside the Sharpton/Kos wing of the Democratic Party believe Ned Lamont will represent their views in Washington?" he added.

I agree with David Sirota. Lieberman is now the De Facto GOP nominee.

And he's not even a moderate Republican, a Chris Shays Republican. This new incarnation of Sen. Lieberman is one of a full-on demonizing, moralizing, McCarthyist right-winger. Even Chris Shays should be ashamed to vote for him.

No Connecticut voter of any affiliation should stand for this particular new brand of fear-based politics.

And no Democrat from any state should stand to be affiliated with this particular politician any longer.
As long as he's still lying and calling himself a Democrat any Connecticut voter has a right to pin him down on it.

Ask him if he will make a public promise not to join the Republican Party or to support them in a determiniation of the Senate leadership.

Force him to promise not to support Republicans for Senate leadership or to explain how a Democrat could do so. The Democratic leadership in the Senate has done him an enormous favor by not stripping him of his positions within the Senate held as a Democrat while he sandbags the legitimate nominee of the party.

Force him to promise to vacate the office he would have so dishonestly won by calling himself a Democrat while acting like a spoiler for the Republicans.

Joe Lieberman is a hypocrit and a liar. Since he is giving Connecticut voters the tool to pry the truth from him, his assertion that he is still a Democrat, please do the country a favor and use it.
My sense is that this is all too far right of the mainstream in CT. Joe in his desperation is hanging himself.
At least now we know it's a Rove Swift-Boat operation fronted by Dan Gerstein.

Here on Lamontblog it's Republican operative EnergyAnalyst's "Red Ned" and corporatelobbyist's "Pinko Ned" (probably the same poster) in conjunction with the Waterbury Republican-American's "Ned's true colors" smear and the Thomas Lamont "the sugar daddy for the American Communist Party" smear.

They have to undermine Ned's father, uncle and grandfather since they were all solid moderate Republicans. The meme that Ned will be a "rubber stamp" is put out to deflect attention away from Lieberman's support of Republican neocon talking points and agendas.

And the last smear trotted out is the Jesse Helms and Trent Lott style "race hustlers Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton" which we can assume with some degree of certainty is aimed at the "low information" Red State Republican type of voter.

Gerstien's "I was only kidding, it's just a joke" moment is "We never raised anything like what the Republican American did."

Lieberman got rid of the campaign staff because he doesn't need them any more. Connecticut for Lieberman, is the front for Republicans for Lieberman.
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