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Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Bob Kerrey Hates Democracy

First of all, how cynical a politician do you have to be to bring in another politician with basically the same last name as the immediate past presidential nominee for the Democratic party who just happens campaigning for your opponent on the same day?

Couldn't be a cynical effort to confuse "low-information voters," could it?

Professor Sean Smith would be proud.

Secondly, here are Bob Kerrey's thoughts on the wonders of democracy today while campaigning for Joe Lieberman:

"Sometimes public opinion is wrong. Sometimes the majority is wrong. And I think in this case if the majority of the Democratic party of Connecticut voted against Joe Lieberman because they thought he was creating these problems that they observe in Washington, D.C., I would say... that you're wrong."

Incidentally, he also said today that he thought the Iraq war was hurting our efforts against terrorism.

Joe wouldn't agree that Iraq was making us less safe from terrorism.

And on a timetable for troop redeployment in Iraq, Kerrey said: "At some point guys like Joe are going to have to figure out how to do things approximately that way."
Bob Kerrey is the biggest Social Security privatization Democrat in the country. He's passionate about it. He pushed it the 90's; was on Bush's pro-privatization commission with Moynihan; has written op-eds about it.
hmmm I will have to look at that. Maybe it's a good idea. Oh, that's right it can't be.
CNN transcript, 8/25/04:
ZAHN: So let me get this straight. So the same formula that is used to calculate funding for paving roads is the formula that's now being used to dole out, per state, money to fight terrorism?

KERREY: That's correct.

ZAHN: How can that be?

KERREY: You don't think this thing's on the level, do you?

(LAUGHTER) KERREY: You're not still suffering that illusion.

No, I think the thing is being very, very poorly managed. And I don't think that we're establishing what our objectives ought to be, whether it's computer interoperability or making the border secure and safe, training the people that need to be trained. There's huge deficiencies in the operation right now. And when you put that kind of money out there, it's bound to get sucked up in pork-barrel politics. It's bound to. It's like laws of nature.

#1 supporter of the pork-approach to Homeland Security spending? Joe Lieberman.

If Bob Kerrey wants to endorse Joe Lieberman because they are best friends forever thats his right. If he thinks it's consistent with his own public positions on homeland security and terrorism he's as full of crap as Joe Lieberman. It can't be both.
Couldn't have asked for a better stab in the back to Lieberman than Kerrey's endorsement -- give it, then take it away by contradicting Lieberman on the terrorism issue. Tammy Sun should have given Kerrey the right script prior to his answering questions.
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