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Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Mark Davis Reports On Viewer Reaction To Mark Davis

As well as Ned winning the debate and Joe refusing to answer his question:

It was an opportunity for both men to talk about the other's attack ads. Lamont defended himself by saying his ads use Lieberman's own words. Lieberman used it as an excuse to call Lamont a liar instead of defending his ads.

Great link as usual. I think Davis felt the heat.

He backpedalled hard. And I'll have to review the tape, but in person it was very clear what Davis was up to.

Davis' statement showed how well Lamont did during that slice of the debate.
Yes, in person it was clear Davis was hostile to Lamont. How about that question along the lines of, "How dare you call out my personal best buddy Senator Lieberman for breaking his pledge not to serve more than 18 years, then campaign with Senator Dodd, who has served for twenty five. Would you like to comment on your hypocrisy? And then would you tell us if you've stopped beating Annie?"

Mark Davis's behaviour was outrageous. And I don't mean outrageous in a refreshing, Alan Schlesinger sort of way.
Davis made a horse's ass out of himself. Kent Brockman has higher journalistic standards.
Scarce- Runner-up title for this post:

"Eye on Springfield"
I was wondering that, if you grabbed the stack of lit Davis had on the table, would you find written in cursive over and over:

Mrs. Ted Baxter
Mrs. Ted Baxter
Mrs. Ted Baxter
Mrs. Ted Baxter
Mrs. Ted Baxter
I just read the WTNH piece -- while it does indicate positives for Ned -- it still seemed biased -- e.g. Joe got an enthusiastic welcome, Ned got a warm response. I'd like to see the tapes on the two events and compare.

The major issue with Davis was the body language -- his sheer contempt when asking Ned the question. Then, to dodge the issue by saying no one knows what ads he had was unprincipled. I don't watch TV news anymore because they are bubblehead prompter readers and I'm sick of obvious bias, no matter which way it cuts.
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