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Sunday, October 01, 2006


If Rummy Goes...

Newsweek, talking about increased pressure on the Administration in the wake of the release of Bob Woodward's new book:

Democrats as well as a few Republicans will renew their calls for Rumsfeld's head, but it is doubtful that Bush will dump his Defense secretary before the elections. That might be seen as a concession to the "Defeatocrats," as the GOP likes to call the opposition. (Rumsfeld himself had no comment about Woodward's book.) But a senior White House official, operating under the usual cover of anonymity, gave a less than airtight guarantee of Rumsfeld's job security.

Will Sen. Lieberman - win or lose - unequivocally rule out accepting a cabinet appointment from President Bush, which might leave the choice of his replacement in the hands of (a likely) Gov. Rell (R)?

Now that administration officials are openly questioning whether Rumsfeld will stay on, this sounds like a good question for the debate(s).
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