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Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Lieberman: Alito Is On Your Hands

Jane at Firedoglake highlights Lieberman's acquiescence in the Alito nomination and how his behavior in opposing a filibuster - and NARAL's strident support of senators who did so - is already threatening reproductive rights on Alito's very first day on the bench:

I'm not going to waste any more time hammering on Planned Parenthood and NARAL except to say that they do not get it. Pro-choice in this country is going down, all because of people like Joe Lieberman. It will not survive another vacancy on the Supreme Court filled by George Bush and passed by this Senate.

And just like that, Lamont wins another supporter (or few thousand):

Redd and I are adding Ned Lamont to our Act Blue page. Ned Lamont would not have voted for cloture on Alito, and he is a solid pro-choice candidate (I will hopefully have more on this tomorrow). If you care about pro-choice in this country please give to Ned Lamont. Give til it hurts. It saddens me terribly to say this because I have been a big Planned Parenthood and NARAL supporter all my life but until they can show that they understand what is going on and the way this war is being waged they do not deserve your pro-choice dollars.

What's more, their endorsement could swing the election in a heavily pro-choice state, and they are under tremendous pressure to endorse Lieberman. Please contact both NARAL and Planned Parenthood and tell them to support Ned Lamont and prove that they understand that people like Joe Lieberman and Lincoln Chafee are pro-choice only when it doesn't count.

When Alito was sailing through a potential Democrat-led filibuster, "Where was Joe?"

Well, to judge from his chat on the radio with good friend Sean Hannity earlier this month, he thought the lives and rights of women just weren't worth fighting for:

HANNITY: ... by the way, I was mad at you at Alito, and one day I'm gonna pull you aside, and I believe in my heart, I really believe in my heart that if the president really needed your vote, you would have been there.

LIEBERMAN: (Sigh) Well, OK, you pull me aside and we'll talk. (Laughter)

HANNITY: Alright, you don't want to answer that publicly, do you?

LIEBERMAN: (Laughter) Cause I voted no.

HANNITY: I know you voted no but...

LIEBERMAN: But I did vote against the filibuster cause I thought that, you know, it was time to move on.

You were right about one thing, Joe. It is time to move on.
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