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Monday, March 06, 2006


Events This Week

Two events tonight, and more this week, all leading up to the big announcement a week from today, next Monday, March 13th at the Old State House in Hartford at 3pm. Contact the campaign for more information on any of the following events:

Keep an eye both here and at the events calendar at nedlamont.com for updated information, and please post any additions or corrections in the comments below.
Lieberman's page on Wikipedia is carrying a claim that a report on
WTIC radio today stated that a 'close Lieberman confidante' has said that Lieberman intends to quit the Democratic party this Spring and run for re-election as a Republican, apprarently because he feels the Democrats have moved too far left and because he is being opposed by Connecticut Dems. I have no idea about the accuracy of these claims but after the reports of the last couple of days it would not surprise me all that much if there was truth in this.

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