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Friday, March 03, 2006



This is getting fun. Howie Klein absolutely destroys Lieberman at Huffington Post after being challenged on his previous points by "someone formerly affiliated with Lieberman." (Hat tip to ctblogger).

Klein highlights Joe's history of tolerating (if not quietly endorsing) homophobic, bigoted, and racist viewpoints, and just his general smarminess. And boy, does that smarminess run deep.

Meanwhile, over at Klein's blog, Jill Sobule and Steve Barton add their opinions on Lieberman's role in the culture wars (hint... he's been on the wrong side) and sign on to what is starting to look like a "Songwriters For Lamont" PAC.

P.S. An unrelated reminder for those in CT: The campaign meeting for volutneers is tomorrow at 10am in New Haven. I hope to be there and post about it later tomorrow.
Joementum is just horrible.

He's the worst kind of DINO: a victim DINO who thinks the party is out to get him.

God, I Mr. Lamont kicks him out of the Senate in November.
Songwriters for Lamont: I like the idea. I don't know Steve Barton's music, but I really like Jill Sobule and Ricky Lee Jones.

I wonder if Jill Sobule or Ricky Lee Jones would do a concert for Ned.

P.S. Please, come up and say hi to me at the campaign meeting tomorrow.
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