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Friday, March 03, 2006


Thank CT NOW

Via My Left Nutmeg, Larkspur suggests contacting CT NOW before their March board meeting to thank them for their Feb. 1st press release taking Lieberman to task for his failure to support a filibuster against Alito:

The next board meeting after March's is not til May, so Lamont supporters should petition CT NOW Board via Kathleen Sloan at this meeting to support Ned Lamont's campaign. Some CT NOW members and CT NOW board members are also on Democratic Town Committees and it is the DTC's that help pick delegates to the May conventions. Ned Lamont needs at least 15% of those delegates to force a primary against Lieberman.

Send notes of thanks and encouragement to support Ned Lamont to

Kathleen Sloan, Executive Director of CT NOW
email: ct_now@yahoo.com
phone: 860-524-5978
fax: 860-524-1092
CT NOW web site http://www.ct-now.net (it just got a new face-lift and it’s working now.)

CT NOW conlcuded in their press release that it was "highly unlikely that CT NOW will support Lieberman in his bid for re-election." The press release was titled "LIEBERMAN HAS TURNED HIS BACK ON WOMEN." Let's let them know that Ned Lamont would never do so.
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