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Friday, March 24, 2006


Greenwich DTC Endorses Lamont


Sixteen of 22 delegates elected by the Democratic Town Committee to represent Greenwich at the state party convention threw their support to the challenger Lamont.

The remaining delegates said they were undecided as to who they will endorse for the party's nomination when the convention is held May 20 in Hartford.

Even better:

Lieberman failed to pick up a single endorsement from the 29 Democrats who ran for the 22 delegate spots, a clear indication of the growing dissatisfaction with Lieberman's support of the war in Iraq....

"I think the undecideds are Liebermans who thought they might be booed," said Edward Krumeich Jr., a Lamont supporter who was elected a delegate.

Great Post!
Wow. Who even knew there were 30 Democrats (counting Ned) in Greenwich?
Our most Christian and heterosexual general has put together an ad for Joe Lieberman: Joe Lieberman: loves our leader; hates grannies at Patriotboy.blogspot.com. Shek it out!
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