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Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Delegates for Ned

A reminder: delegate selection caucuses for the state convention are supposed to take place starting today and until next Tuesday the 28th.

For more info on your town committee, including the name and contact info of every committee member, go to the State party site and choose your town from the "Directory" pull-down menu on the top right.
How can you influence the delegates? In some cases, delegates have already been chosen by a nominating committee. What's left after that?

Do DTC members have more say than "ordinary" registered Democrats? In the voting, if enough registered Democrats show up, can they outvote the DTC members?
As I understand it, caucuses are open to all registered Democrats who are residents of the town in question.

The delegate selection process varies by DTC. Use the link above and contact your committee chair for more information.
The rules (not much)
Section 6: Slate Endorsement

A. At any caucus or Town Committee meeting duly called for the election of delegates to any convention, nominations for said delegates may be made (1) by presentation to the caucus or Town Committee of a slate composed of a number of persons not exceeding the number of such delegates to which the town is entitled under the state rules of the Democratic Party or (2) by nomination of individual candidates.

B. In the endorsement of such candidates, each member of the caucus or Town Committee member present and voting shall vote for a number of candidates not to exceed the number of a full slate as defined above.

C. The voting for delegates to each convention shall be done by individual convention.
Am I just stupid or is there no way that I as a West Havener can do anything to help? The link you provided led me nowhere.
Anon 10:54:

The info on the West Haven DTC is right here.
Sorry, I had javascript turned off...
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