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Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Radio Daze

Another fundraising surge today in online donations to Ned, as ActBlue zoomed close to 2,100 donations for almost $123,000. Largely due, I suspect, to Sam Seder's aggressively positive interview with Ned this afternoon, which you can listen to at the Ned Lamont Resource.

Joe was on the radio today, too, with Colin McEnroe.

The Senator completely flipped out at Colin for his criticism of Lieberman in a column this weekend. Audio here, on the right of the page. I don't have time to transcribe it right now, but it really is something to hear from a sitting senator. I'll get to it in more detail later.

Joe is losing it.
Here's a direct link to the mp3 audio of the WTIC interview with Lieberman. Joe is clearly worried and on the defense, embarrassingly so. He wouldn't let Colin speak.
Two words: Lieberman unhinged.

Can't wait to see him on Imus tomorrow.
go ned go!!
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