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Monday, March 20, 2006


Secretary Of State Lieberman?

That's Fred Barnes' prescription for Bush Fatigue Syndrome:

The president's most spectacular move would be to anoint a presidential successor. This would require Vice President Cheney to resign. His replacement? Condoleezza Rice, whom Mr. Bush regards highly. Her replacement? Democratic Sen. Joe Lieberman of Connecticut, whose Bush-like views on Iraq and the war on terror have made him a pariah in the Democratic caucus.

While I don't put any stock in this particular rumor, Lieberman's name has previously been floated as a possibility for UN Ambassador, Secretary of Defense, and Secretary of Homeland Security under Bush.

With rumors of an Administration shakeup still buzzing, and the futures of both Chertoff and Rumsfeld in question, it's not absurd to consider what would happen if Lieberman were offered a cabinet position. It's just the type of move Bush would consider in order to change the storyline without really changing direction. It's very likely that if offered, Lieberman would take the job, and that likelihood only increases as Ned Lamont's candidacy gains steam.

But how would this impact the Senate race? Would Rell appoint a placeholder, or a Republican who might be able to hold the seat (like Shays)? Would Blumenthal jump into the race on the Democratic side? It's worth considering possible answers to these questions as Bush approaches permanent lame-duck status.
Oy Vey! I hadn't heard this one.

However, I have heard from a variety of sources that Joementum is on Bush's short list to replace the retiring Donald Rumsfeld, who is expected to resign at the end of the year.
I don't think Joe would accept a cabinet post now. The job would last less than three years, and no new administration of either party would touch him. So he'd be out of a job. His Senate seat, on the other hand, still has to be considered safe by the "experts". Actually, I wouldn't mind seeing Joe in Bush's cabinet -- he can't be any worse than whomever he would replace, and we'd get him out of the Senate.
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