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Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Troops Against Lieberman

This Le Moyne College/Zogby poll of the attitudes of American troops in various armed forces stationed in Iraq is innovative and welcomed, and the results are very surprising.

The main finding of the poll is that a vast majority of the troops oppose the Bush-Lieberman non-policy of "stay the course." An amazing 72% of respondents "think the U.S. should exit the country within the next year." This breaks down into:

29% of the respondents, serving in various branches of the armed forces, said the U.S. should leave Iraq “immediately,” while another 22% said they should leave in the next six months. Another 21% said troops should be out between six and 12 months, while 23% said they should stay “as long as they are needed.”

Only 23% of our troops agree with Joe Lieberman's Iraq policy. And, sadly, only 58% of our troops in Iraq think that "the U.S. mission in Iraq is clear in their minds."

What is clear is that our political leaders - including Joe Lieberman - are continuing to fail our troops and our nation. Joe did not ask the tough questions going in. Joe has not asked a single tough question since.

There are some other very interesting findings in the poll. Read Zogby's own analysis at Huffington Post.
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