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Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Wednesday News Round-Up

Yeah, & Don't forget how the psychopath Ann Coulter went on national television, telling everyone how she wanted to hurt Shays for not voting to impeach Pres. Clinton, among other things. She also said *she* would challenge Shays, if she wasn't so busy being a political operative/pundit/lawyer for Paula Jones/& author of poison lettres.
Too bad, a Shays-Coulter race would have been insanely fun (or maybe funnily insane).

I have to say I agree with the right wing here... Shays is "a liberal weenie." He's more liberal than most GOP congressman, and a bigger weenie than most (remember his scaredy-cat warning to stay away from Times Square on New Years Eve a couple of years ago?)
Hey man, I'll take a liberal weenie over a rabid frothing at the mouth advocate of genocide like Ann Coulter. (By the way methinks I heard something about dear Ann committing some sort of vote fraud in Palm Beach.)
Hellfire & Damnation,
Now even our most Christian & heterosexual General J.C. Christian is thanking Lieberman, Chaffee & Cecile Richards for supporting Alito:Saving Spermatazoan-Americans
Ok, let me get this straight, even though there is nothing straight about all of this. Farrell (D) endorses Lieberman (D(?)) and v.v., who is in turn endorsed by Shays (R). Lieberman is playing hard to get with the Republicans, for the time being. And Shays sounds like an unrequited lover, or is he? Sounds like a three-headed opportunisitic beast to me.
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