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Thursday, May 18, 2006


Breaking: Joe Scared Of A Real Vote?

Word is that Joe Lieberman is having DTCs call "emergency meetings" tonight in order to pass resolutions to force bloc-voting in the Senate nomination tomorrow night.

What's next? Is he going to hold an "emergency meeting" to change the location of the convention?

Ned Lamont will be on the ballot in August no matter how many dirty tricks Joe tries to pull in the next 24 hours.

Update: Hmm... interesting that http://dems.info, the URL for the state party website, should suddenly stop working the day before the convention. (Another URL for the site, http://ctdems.org, is still working.)
rumor has it Lieberman and Malloy are sharing a party tent on Firday night....moderates for moderates anyone?
This is a scary thought, any more insight you may get into this would be great to hear about.
Portland DTC held a last-minute meeting tonight....... and voted to endorse Lamont. (Thanks for the suggestion Senator.)

The Lieberman supporters on the DTC were adamant that the delegates should vote as a block. Then they lost the vote and changed their tune and insisted that the delegates should be free to "vote their conscience."
I am assuming that this pro-Lieberman DTC block voting stuff can only occur in those towns where the Dem party machine & joementum have strong control, like in Trumbull and Hartford, correct?

My take on this is that the Lieberman camp is realizing that the delegate numbers for Lamont are going to come in much better Friday than anyone could have imagined, and that this is a frantic last-ditch effort by the Lieberman camp not to deny Lamont the magical 15% number, but rather to put a halt to the severe erosion in Lieberman's own delegate numbers -

My guess is that wherever delegates are free of Dem party machine pressure, that those delegates are going to vote overwhelmingly for Lamont tomorrow, thus the attempt to get block voting for Lieberman in those towns that are still under the tight control of the Dem party machine -

It seems to me that joementum is now (and has been) struggling & straining to get every delegate he can, because something very bad is happening with Lieberman's own delegate numbers, and joementum is trying to prevent being REALLY embarassed tomorrow!
HFL- I'd tend to agree with your assessment, but I haven't been able to find out which towns have called these meetings.

Boss Lieberman is a machine politician, and he's putting the machine into high gear. He would do this whether he thought Ned had 5% or 50% of the delegates. It's just his nature. If he thought he could get away with more, he'd do more.
"Portland DTC held a last-minute meeting tonight....... and voted to endorse Lamont."

excellent! thanks!

tho I would really like to see some pro-Lamont DTC's like Portland and Greenwich and Windsor and New Britain teach joementum a lesson with 100% block votes for Lamont -

I guess tho, that the Lamont people have a higher ethical standard and don't behave like sick desperate bastards like the Lieberman people do -
"Boss Lieberman is a machine politician, and he's putting the machine into high gear."

yes, but I really think that the bossy piggy hacky Lieberman/DiNardo Dem party machine is playing defense for Joe rather than offense, and that is a BIG difference!

For the record, I have never given up on the possibility that Lamont could actually win outright tomorrow -

boy, now that would be something, wouldn't it!
Colin & Bruce have an interview with Bill Hillsman, who created the Lamont ad. He notes that he did the Web ad for Kos' book and he used the same director for both ads.

Ray & Diane talked to Lamont yesterday.
I think that it is very telling that the Lamont campaign is now being viewed as an emergency by the Lieberman campaign. Yes, they would have done this no matter what, but it does tell volumes.

How effective will it be? Hopefully, we will find out this evening, unless there are other last minute manoevers.

As to HFL, I have never given up on the possibility that Lamont could win outright at the convention, just as I know a lot of Red Sox fans who never gave up on the possibility that they might win the World Series again someday.

However, we need to hope for the best and plan for the worst, and I recognize that the Lieberman campaign could very well manage to find ways to block us from getting even 15%. I hope everyone gets out and gets a few more signatures on petitions today. I hope that everyone realizes what a great victory getting 15% of the delegates will be.
Count and Verify the Votes.

I repeat,

Count and Verify the Votes.

Joementum's camp will have deceased people casting votes for him in the primary.

Trust me, he's THAT desperate.
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