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Thursday, May 04, 2006


Joe's New TV Ad

I couldn't let Bob have all the fun today.

Joe's New Ad
That rocks -- it looks very professional
Oh, that's good!

Of course, DINO Joementum doesn't explain why he voted FOR Bush's energy bill -- a bill that included nearly $15 billion in tax cuts for the oil industry.

How can those idiot still poll at 50% approval in Connecticut?
Awesome! Absolutely brutal...I love it!

Eviscerate me now, why don't you? I loved it. Go, NED!!!
Bob- the only better thing would have been to use the actual video instead of making a gif. (Maybe an idea for you or spazeboy?)
Yeah, I think that would actually be fairly easy to do, especially if the video is available in downloadable form online. If you have the URL, send it to me and I'll see what I can do.
I'll be making a couple of new homemade videos in the coming days.

Third, would you like to host them if they're up to snuff?
Bob - video is at joe2006.com. If not, i have the QT files, email me.

Scarce - put them up on youtube and I'll link to them, that's probably the best way to go.
Yes, at YouTube but I'm thinking a blog link would get some traffic too. What I'm thinking is I'd make them then you could put the YouTube link on your blog and submit them to whomever.

I just have some ideas swimming around right now but expect to have something by Monday or Tuesday.
Congrats. You've made the excessive bandwidth league.

If you can re-link a new pic just up it again.
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