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Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Harry Reid's Love Letter to Joe

(Update: Matt Stoller reports that Reid's letter of support was conditional on Joe ruling out a run as an Independent.)

BranfordBoy has the goods.

Look, it's hardly surprising that the Democratic Senate leadership is supporting Joe. Actually, strike that. What is Reid doing supporting a candidate who will not commit to staying in the Democratic party?

What's telling is that Joe feels forced to ask Reid to send such an ass-kissing missive to every state delegate at this point. Not to mention the other mailer Joe is sending out that laughably paints him as a Bush-hating Deaniac.

I have to say, though, this line from Reid was the most laugh-out-loud hilarious, almost worthy of Sean Smith himself:

I can always count on Joe when our Party needs to stand up to the Republican Party.

That's weird, cause usually Lieberman is standing up for the Republican party:

I called both Reid's Senate and campaign offices this afternoon to request that Senator Reid refrain from any further endorsements unless the spoiler run threat is off the table. The woman at the campaign office (who is from Waterbury) said she was present when the endorsement went down. She didn't mention anything about getting these assurances beforehand.

If they have got them now, I think they must have obtained them after the blogosphere started making some noise.

And we still need to hear it straight from Senator Lieberman's mouth. Some guy says he heard that one Senator told another Senator... well that's just not good enough.
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