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Tuesday, May 02, 2006


RNC Chair Booed at American Jewish Committee Event

Seems like Joe Lieberman isn't the only one getting booed these days over his support for the disasterous Bush Iraq policy. What's surprising was the venue - the opening of the 100th anniversary celebration of the American Jewish Committee (via TPM):

The room burst into applause, however, when AJCommittee board member Edith Everett asked Mehlman to “take a message” to President Bush to stop linking Israel and Iran.

“It does not help Israel and it does not help American Jews to appear to be stimulators of any action against Iran,” Everett said.

She added that “it’s easy to understand why Iran is not worried about us” because Iraq is consuming so many U.S. resources.

Mehlman replied by acknowledging that Iraq was a “challenge,” but claimed it’s “less of a challenge than when Saddam Hussein was in power.”

The room filled with boos and hisses.

Joe Lieberman is also Ken Mehlman's Favorite Democrat.
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