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Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Moving On

My Left Nutmeg has the full text of both the Ned Lamont and the Joe Lieberman "stand-in" emails going out to MoveOn members in CT asking them for their votes in the organization's online "primary."

They really should have tried to get Sean Hannity as a stand-in for Joe.

Full text of Lamont's MoveOn email below the fold:

Dear MoveOn member,

The race for U.S. Senate in Connecticut is a fight for the heart and soul of the progressive movement and the Democratic Party. As we stand on the brink of a majority in Congress for the first time in over a decade, Democrats need to stand up for our progressive values and provide a clear contrast between our party and the Bush Adminstration. Unfortunately, Joe Lieberman has gone out of his way to undermine progressives on issue after issue. I invite you to watch a short video introduction about our campaign's historic effort. You can watch the video by visiting:


Joe Lieberman thinks we challenge President Bush's failed leadership in Iraq "at our nation's peril." I believe our troops should begin heading home and allow the Iraqi people to take control of their own destiny. It's time to stop spending $250 million a day in Iraq and start re-investing in our needs here at home. However, Iraq is not the only reason I have decided to challenge Senator Lieberman in the primary. From his stands on Terri Schiavo and domestic spying, his vote for the president's energy policy and against the filibuster of Samuel Alito, Joe Lieberman's wrong-headed votes and rhetoric are not simply individual instances of principled difference of opinion. He consistently repeats Republican talking points on television talk shows and takes pride in repudiating his own party and its values. In the last few years he's made a career of being "George Bush's favorite Democrat," and the time has come for the people of Connecticut to tell him that that career is over.

Here's what I stand for:

I believe quality, affordable healthcare is a right, not a privilege, and should be assured to every American.

I support a comprehensive approach to clean, sustainable energy independence: research into new technologies, higher fuel efficiency standards, incentives for conservation, and investment in clean energy alternatives.

I believe we must never compromise basic Constitutional liberties. If the president is found to have broken the law by ordering unprecedented, widespread domestic spying, he should be held accountable. The American people should never be asked to waive their rights with their flags.

I absolutely support a woman's right to complete and appropriate health care and to reproductive freedom. While Joe Lieberman would allow some hospitals to deny emergency contraception to victims of sexual assault, I will fight to make the morning after pill available over the counter, emergency contraception available to all rape victims, and support the nomination and appointment of pro-choice judges.

To find out more about my campaign or to read my positions on the issues please visit:


Our campaign is about two-way communication, citizen participation, and bringing a fresh outside-the-box thinking to politics. That's my way of doing business, and grassroots Democrats recognize campaigns like ours are the only way to reclaim the country for ordinary Americans. Once upon a time, Joe Lieberman accepted the Democratic Party nomination for Vice President of the United States. Today, he won't even promise he'll run as a Democrat in this U.S. Senate race. The choice for MoveOn members couldn't be more clear. I hope you'll join my campaign.


Ned Lamont
Candidate for U.S. Senate
PAID FOR BY MOVEON.ORG POLITICAL ACTION, http://political.moveon.org/ Authorized by Ned Lamont for Senate.

they have to be kidding with this primary BS! How can a progressive organization like moveon.org even consider supporting a neo-con in disguise like Lieberman. I'm a little disappointed.

In any case, I cast my vote for Lamont just moments ago. I'm sure he'll pull through.

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