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Tuesday, June 13, 2006


"Every Single Weirdo In The Left Wing"

That's how prominent Lieberman backer and former Democratic state party chair John F. Droney, Jr. describes Connecticut primary voters in a Courant article today where he strongly urges Lieberman to leave the party:

"I think to be terrorized through the summer by an extremely small group of the Democratic Party, much less the voting population, is total insanity for a person who is a three-term senator," Droney said....

"Every single weirdo in the left wing will be there," Droney said. "That's what the Lamont strategy is all about."

Wait. I'm confused. I thought Ned was a Republican.

Update: By the way, here are a few of those "left wing weirdos":

Update 2: Welcome Americablog readers. Please be a true "left wing weirdo" and contribute to Ned Lamont's candidacy.
He's a left-wing weirdo repuglican. They are the most rare of all!
I salute Ned Lamont for trying to get Lieberman's promise not to stab Democrats in the back if they do what they have every right to do, choose another candidate. Why that the nomination of their party belongs to the voters instead of the prospective candidate isn't really that complicated an idea.

You would think that any Democrat with a brain wouldn't vote for someone to be the candidate of the Democratic Party if, when asked, they refused to pledge their loyalty to Democrats.

After this we have to work on the election belonging to the voters and not the Republicans or their Supreme Court drones.
After vacillating back + forth for years by taking positions merely for political convenience or attention on Imus or Russert, Lieberman's tells one audience he's a democrat while denouncing opposition as "left wing wackos."

Well Joe you have sided with right wing wackos. Ted Lamont is a centrist to center-left candidate with views in line not only with most Democrats but many republicans and most independents as well.

Opposition to the phony Joe Lieberman comes from the center, the center right, and the center left. They should not be lumped together into 1 category. Get lost you bigot

Big Dave From Queens
What is the National Smokers Alliance?
Why was Dorney on the board with Lyn Nofziger (Republican Operative)?
Let's all send NoMoJoe happy retirement cards!
Ben Campbell, a Democratic senator from Colorado came out and switched affiliation to republican. He won anyway. Why doesn't Joe just come clean and declare is is now a member of the republican party, and save us all the drama.
Wow, so a third of the Democratic delegates in Connecticut (i.e. the 33% who voted for Lamont) are left-wing weirdo Republicans? Who knew?
Lamont mentioned the "weirdos" comment at his fundraiser in a room packed with supporters coming from the Take Back America conference in DC tonight. It was great to meet him after following (and supporting) his campaign for so long. He was introduced by Tom Matzzie of MoveOn and Jim Dean of Democracy for America, and Atrios was present as well. People were overflowing into the hallway.
Yo Connecticut! Watching this one from Washington state. Wishing the best to Ned.

Joe must go.
Lieberman's attempt to brand Lamont as "republican" is pretty fool-hardy. The so-called "left-wing weirdos" are on top of things, which is why they will vote Lamont in the first place; they've already investigated and learned that he's to the left of Joe. All Lieberman's attempts will do is publicize to republicans and right-leaning independents that Lamont isn't "far left," which will allow him to draw some of those voters as well.

So let's hope Lieberman keeps it up! If he thinks he's going to siphon left-wing support from Lamont, he's mistaken.
Ned has proven time and time again he wants to work for Democrats over all. Joe seems to only worry about his own job.

The arguments Joe is making out there hurts the Democrats claim of Republicans endangering our Democracy. How can he complain about facing competition in his state when Democracy is about competition and fighting to get the best person in that seat?

Good luck Ned and you got my support here from Ohio.

Wait a minute... according to Joe, if we support Lamont we're...
Republicans AND left-wing weirdos?

Sorry, Joe -- this does not compute. I think you'd better recalibrate your Joementum meter.
BUT the Democratic State Committee has Lamont's banner on its page, if right under Lieberman's. That is a step in the right direction! http://www.ctdems.org/index2.php
As a former resident of Connecticut, it is gratifying to see a real Democrat challenge Lieberman's turncoat politics.
Lieberman is like the Americans who went over to the British side during the Revolution. We should treat him as such. Joe has been kissing the Bush crowd's collective rear end for so long now, it's amazing he has any lips left! This country is in the worst shape since 1776. Anyone who aids and abets the Neo-Fascist Bush crowd is a traitor to everything the Founding Fathers wanted for America. If people like Joe aren't bounced out, we might as well start spelling it AMERIKA. Bob, Vietnam War veteran in Ratpublican-infested Ohio.
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