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Monday, June 12, 2006


Lamont Challenges Lieberman to Support Primary Winner

In a just-released radio ad now running across the state, Ned Lamont challenges Joe Lieberman to pledge to support the winner of the August 8th primary:

NED LAMONT: ...So I have a challenge for our junior senator. Joe, let's both go to the Democratic primary on August 8th, and let the people of Connecticut decide. I'll pledge to back you one hundred percent if you win. And for the good of the party, you'll pledge to support me one hundred percent if I'm victorious. What do you say Senator? May the best Democrat win. I'm Ned Lamont, I'm running for the U.S. Senate, and I approve this message.

What do you say, Senator?

Sign the letter, and add your voice to the those demanding Joe pledge to support the winner of the primary.
It probably should dawn on Joe Lieberman that Lamont's straightforward style is winning hearts and minds while his coyness is wearing awfully thin.

It's not as if it's so hard to state "Of course I'll support the winner of the primary--because it will be Joe Lieberman!", or some such bluster.

That he's not saying this is confusing to most and demoralizing for his supporters.
Let's be honest. Lieberman and Lamont are the only two people who have a chance to win.

The Republican running is a joke. There is no need for the loser of the primary to support the winner, and this whole issue is a red herring Ned Lamont is using to hide from the important issues of this race. Lamont knows that average Connecticut Democrats don't support his angry and radical ideology.
On what issues is Ned Lamont not speaking? It appears to me that Lieberman is the candidate who is both avoiding debates and failing to answer simple questions like "would he run as an independent?"
So according to Lieberman supporters, being a Democrat is actually a "red herring" in a Democratic primary.

Thanks for clearing that up. Explains alot...
I'd be half curious to find out about this "angry and radical ideology". What does that involve? Most Americans believe Iraq was a mistake and that a gradual pullout of troops should start, so Lamont is in the mainstream there. Universal healthcare? Again, widely favored by Democrats. Even GM and Ford like the sound of it.

Frankly, I'd be interested in knowing why Lieberbloggers always sound like Republicans, cut off from both Democrats and in most cases mainstream American opinion.
Now that Ned's within striking distance of the polls, this question is un-ignorable. Good move to be patient with this issue.
Van Parker in W. Hartford,

Polls have shown over and over again that despite his shrinking lead in the Democratic Primary, (although it is still a lot more significant than some will admit) Joe Lieberman would trounce Lamont and if he ran as an independent.

The numbers look something like this as of the 6/8 Quinnipiac Poll:

Lieberman: 56%
Lamont: 18%
Schlesinger: 8%

If that many Connecticut voters would reelect Joe, doesn't that make him mainstream?

And considering that the Democrats might need one more vote to get a Senate majority, does that scenario sound nice for the Party?

And if Lamont beat Lieberman, what would that say about the 2006 Democratic Party? That we have become Karl Rove-like in handling intellectual diversity? That we can't tolerate a centrist?

All of Joe Lieberman's supposed sins wouldn't have happened if we'd had a Democratic Senate. Go after the Republicans and leave Joe alone.
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