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Saturday, June 10, 2006


Lieberman: "I'm Not Going to Close Out Any Option"

That's right, he is refusing to rule out any option... even running as a Democrat!
He's not planning anything, but he's got the Republicans to back him up if he needs them, as he points out in this WTIC interview.

First off, I would not... I don't have any plan to leave the Democratic Party. Secondly, I'm not doing really thinking or doing anything to prepare for a candidacy as an independent Democrat. I'm focused on winning the primary. But look, but I was very encouraged by the other part of the Quinnipiac poll that showed if I did run as a third party candidate that I'd win with 56% and support across the board from Democrats, Independents, and Republicans.
The Human Rights Campaign's endorsements of Lieberman and other questionable pols is starting to cost them support:

“A lot of these mucky mucks at HRC are hobnobbing with powerful and wealthy people, and they’re starting to act like them,” said Thomas Van Etten, a gay Californian who said he is planning to erase a $1 million contribution to HRC from his will.
Playwright Chris Durang cancelled his HRC membership after reading the organization had endorsed Lieberman. Durang, who penned the Tony-nominated “A History of the American Film,” lambasted HRC online.

“The country and the world are less safe because of Bush. And Lieberman helps and enables Bush and his positions,” he wrote. “And I’m sorry the Human Rights Campaign doesn’t worry about things like that.”

More on Lieberman from Chris Durang.
I wrote to the HRC 2 weeks ago about their endorsement of Joementum over Lamont and I have yet to receive a response.


THe HRC has been de-blogrolled, no more financial contributions will go their way, and I have removed my HRC sticker from the bumper of my SUV.
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