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Friday, June 02, 2006


Friday Round-Up

Another parallel race on Tuesday is that of my brother, grassroots candidate Jerry McNerney, challenging DCCC annointed newcomer Steve Filson for the Democratic nomination for Congress in California CD-11.
Jerry McNerney isn't a great candidate just because he's johnmac's brother; he's the kind of man all Americans need in Congress. His race to represent real Democrats against corporate Insider shills is one that everyone who understands the dynamics of Ned's race against Lieberman will understand and appreciate.

Today over at Down With Tyranny I just put up a piece talking about how primary voters can figure out when to dump a faithless incumbent. The piece ends with a Lieberman contest-- complete with cool prizes-- and LamontBlog readers are welcome to participate (of course).
I must have forgot to mention, I'm a Connecticut resident, CT-02 (Somers), and a supporter of Joe Courtney as well as Ned. But I've also sent a few $$$ to Jerry's campaign...
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