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Monday, June 19, 2006


Gore Refuses to Endorse Lieberman


"I am not involved. I typically do not get involved in Democratic primaries. Joe is my close friend, Joe and Hadassah are close to Tipper and me and it would be very difficult for me to ever oppose him. But I don't get involved in primaries typically. He's a great guy and he's right on a lot of other issues."

Interesting, because Gore had no problem "getting involved" in a primary by endorsing Howard Dean against Joe Lieberman in December 2003.
"Interesting, because Gore had no problem "getting involved" in a primary by endorsing Howard Dean against Joe Lieberman in December 2003."

And he was nearly laughed out of public life for it. I liked Dean, but even at the time I knew it was a bad move for Gore. If it wasn't for his excellent movie, I'd still think he was a moron for doing that.
Gore endorsed Howard Dean back in December 2005 because 1) Dean was the only major Dem Prez candidate at that time to opposed the Iraq War and 2) Dean developed a way to garner millions in small donor donations. None of the Dem Establishment candidates -- Lieberman, Kerry, Edwards, Gephardt -- could raise millions from small donors. Kerry didn't do it until AFTER Howard Dean bowed out of the Prez race.

If John Kerry did not own his half of his Beacon Hills mansion, he would not have made it to the IA Caucuses. The $6.4 million he got from that mortgage allowed him to campaign from IA to NH without having to fundraise.

If Dean was such a failure, why is it that after Kerry lost to the worse President in US History that Howard Dean became DNC Chair. Kerry opposed Dean's election to DNC Chair and his nominee Vilsack had to retire from the race before the DNC members could vote.

Dean's was the right campaign to back, but the Dem Establishment would rather lose to Republicans than to Democrats with vision.
I posted the first comment and agree that Dean was a good candidate and could have won. I'm still quite certain, though, that it was a bad idea for Al Gore to get behind Dean before anyone had voted. Basically in his endorsement, he told the other contenders to pack it in. Not a smart move.
That I don't think is fair. One was a national race where Gore has some standing to say who he thinks is best.

This is a state-level election, and it's not a state Gore has any standing to pontificate on. I'd view it as profoundly silly if anyone, from the Clinton(s) to Gore to Kerry, got involved in this race. It's not their piece of dirt.
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