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Monday, June 05, 2006


Hit Me With Your Best Shot?

best shot

Joe asked, and today, Connecticut reporters and TV pundits obliged.

Paul Bass's blistering column is the hardest shot yet, and is making huge waves.

It even seems to have single-handedly changed the mind of one of Lieberman's own delegates (hat tip MLN):

I was a Lieberman delegate and plan to vote for him in the primary because my primary goal is to see at least one house of Congress flip to the Democrats. My fear is that a three-way race will allow Schlesinger to sneak in ala Weicker in 1970 or, far worse, Damato in NY in 1986. In addition, while I thought starting the war was an incredibly stupid idea, we've ruined the lives of ordinary Iraqis and I feel we owe it to them in install some semblance of social order before we leave.

All my friends and family are voting for Lamont and Bass's piece makes it more likely that, in spite of the foregoing, I might do the same once the voting booth curtain closes on August 8th.

Paul Bass is the best New Havener we've got. Kudos to him. Kudos to his newhavenindependent.com indy media project, and kudos to speaking truth to power. This election should be all about Lieberman's voting record. It's more than just the war, and the fact that Joe has gone negative so, should highlight to everyone his two-faced voting record.

Connecticut deserves better than a a Bush-kissing, corporate owned Cronycrat. Vote for Ned Lamont.
You should look into working for the NY Daily News. I love your headlines!
OT, but the News and the Post have been absolutely killing Chertoff and DHS on the funding issue. Today again.

But their best headline of recent note was from the day after Ken Lay was convicted: page one of the Post screamed "BAD LAY."
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