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Friday, June 09, 2006


The Real Face of Sen. Lieberman

Intimidation. Petulance. Evasiveness. Cowardice.

Read Spazeboy's very well-written account of his up-close and personal experience with the senator at one of his "diner stops" today. And you'll understand why this man and his campaign are currently driving away voters at such an amazing rate:

...My move was to say something along the lines of, “Actually, I’m a committed Democrat and I plan to support the winner of the primary election. I’m concerned that you’ll leave the Democratic party and I was hoping that you would rule out an independent run.” To which [Lieberman] replied by saying that he won’t have to worry about that if I vote for him in the primary and that he’s a Democrat. At this point, the Senator quickly stood up and moved on....

Marion Steinfels, Lieberman’s communication director who was listening in on my conversation with the Bristol Press reporter basically told me it was time to run along, saying “You’ve gotten some attention for yourself.” She was right, and I had certainly asked for it too. What was I thinking when I invited NECN, WTNH, and local newspaper reporters to the Beau Anderson photo-op at Carmine’s Italian Grill in Bristol? Maybe I should have invited more supporters? Fuck it, I’m running on pure Beaumentum now.

The moral of the story is that Joe Lieberman will only say that he is a Democrat, not that he will always and exclusively run for office as a Democrat.

Joementum says a lot of things.

Like the Iraq war is just, the troops need to stay in definitely, and gay marriage is wrong.


I have 2 words for Joe: FUCK YOU.
Nothing different about Lamont.
Goes right for the hispanic and Black vote, as if they were some lesser class..
How about treating everyone with equal respect, without looking like your signaling a particular group.
It's not black and white anymore, although the recent image to make the headlines sure makes it seem so.
I hate Joe btw, but Lamont is not tops on my list either.
Still looking for a real honest Senator.
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