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Wednesday, June 28, 2006


"With Friends Like These"

The Hill reports on the contentious relationship between Lieberman and labor that was revealed for everyone to see yesterday in New Haven. Again... his union supporters want to "beat the shit out of him." And his union opponents know the real history involved:

“I can go back to 1993 and say Joe Lieberman was not there on trade,” said William Rudis of the International Association of Machinists, quoted by the Hartford Courant. “We don’t need to be in Boston to spill the tea.”

Lieberman’s views, especially on Iraq, “will splatter our banner with the blood of innocent people,” said Bill Shortell, vice president of the Central Connecticut Labor Council. “No. No. We’ve got to go with Lamont.”

[I've been cross-posting this a lot, so please excuse me... it needs to be Out There, that Joe's got a heavy duty Rovian "push poll" in full gear:]


A friend of mine, who lives in Connecticut, was not going to vote in the primary, having heard that Lamont’s campaign “was run by a Republican, and this just proves that these guys are all the same, anyway!”

Naturally, I gave him The Treatment… I explained the scam there, and I’ve been sending him stories and links to blogs, like there was no tomorrow. I was determined to WIN THIS VOTE.

I just got an e-mail from him. Here it is:


I just got called by a pollster — apparently paid by Leiberman — using some of the same accusations about Lamont’s background (when you tell a guy making $65k a year that Lamont lives in a 6-million-dollar Greenwich mansion, you don’t expect him to say “how nice!” — he was also a cable TV executive [everyone hates them] and voted to make Greenwich civil servants pay more for their health benefits when he served in town government [moral: never leave a paper trail].

You’ll be happy to know that I told them I was likely to vote for Lamont and was angry at the Senator.

good show Anonymous!
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