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Thursday, July 20, 2006


The Numbers

A few more interesting bits from today's dead-heat Quinnipiac poll:

From all accounts, the Lieberman campaign is polling this race extensively and knew these sinking numbers well in advance, which probably explains why he bolted the party on July 3rd. It also probably explains why he was desperate enough to convince Bill Clinton to campaign for him on Monday in Waterbury (assuming Metro-North has a more accurate train schedule for him than Amtrak did for Sen. Biden... remember to switch trains in Bridgeport, Bubba!).

But Bill will have to answer some tough questions, especially if he agrees with Sen. Clinton about the need to support the decision that Connecticut Democrats will make on August 8th.

Update: Wonkette gets the headline right ("Joe Lieberman to Accept Endorsement From Noted Moral Degenerate"), and quotes Joe's feelings about Clinton back in the day:

But the truth is, after much reflection, my feelings of disappointment and anger have not dissipated. Except now these feelings have gone beyond my personal dismay to a larger, graver sense of loss for our country, a reckoning of the damage that the President’s conduct has done to the proud legacy of his presidency, and ultimately an accounting of the impact of his actions on our democracy and its moral foundations.

So, Joe... come crawling back, eh?
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