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Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Lieberman Refuses To Rule Out REPUBLICAN Run

Greg Sargent at TPM Cafe asked the Lieberman campaign whether he would rule out running on the Republican line in November. Amazingly, Joe's spokesman refused to answer:

Will Lieberman or will he not rule out running on the GOP line if he loses to Lamont in August and it's offered to him?

This is fairly straightforward: Yes, or no? Which is it?

The question has been posed to Lieberman campaign deputy press secretary Noah Kores, and the campaign is mulling it.

Election Central will let you know when -- or if -- we get an answer. Don't touch that dial.

This is the same evasion that Lieberman pulled in the run-up to his July 3rd announcement that he was going to run as an Independent.

Update: Commenter "blogswarm" at MyDD puts it succinctly:

If you are Deputy Press Secretary (Noah Kores) and somebody asks if you'll run as a Republican, you should be fired if you don't immediately answer, "HELL NO!"

If you are "mulling" it over because the candidate would actually consider running as a Republican after losing the Democratic Primary then the candidate needs to be fired.

Shouldn't we all e-mail the local TV news stations and ask them to follow up on this comment from the Lieberman camp?
This would be a great issue to counter the "Tax return" issue that Lieberman is trying to whip Lamont with. Mulling about running on a Republican line, while still running in the Dem Primary, is a more serious issue than releasing tax returns to the AP.
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