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Wednesday, August 02, 2006


College Republicans for Lieberman

(Update: PsiFighter at MLN says that the College Republicans were trying to "infiltrate" the Lieberman campaign, and were not invited on and did not organize this trip.)


Date: Tue, 01 Aug 2006 18:52:09 -0400
From: "[windows-1252] College Republicans"
Reply-To: College Republicans
To: collegerepublicans@PRINCETON.EDU
Subject: Unconventional Primary Campaign Opportunity (LIEBERMAN)


I hope everyone is enjoying their summer. In June, I informed you all of a campaign opportunity for State Senator Tom Kean race for U.S. Senate in NJ. Continuing the tradition of letting you about summer campaign opportunities here is a much more unconventional option:

Incumbent Senator Joe Lieberman (Democratic Primary)
Lieberman is facing a tough primary fight versus far-left anti war activist Ned Lamont.
August 4-9th Primary Campaigning:

Elissa Harwood '09 (NOT A CLUB MEMBER) has organized a series of buses departing on Friday August 4 from Washington DC (6:30 Foggy Bottom Metro) and NYC, destination: Hartford, CT

People interested in campaigning for Lieberman in the Democratic Primary will have lodging accommodations paid for (by his campaign), as well as food and transportation.

Buses would bring you back on August 9th.

If Interested, E-mail: XXX@Princeton.EDU or call her
at (757)-XXX-XXXX.

Joe needs Republicans. Ned needs you.
OT: Audio for Lieberman and Lamont's appearance (separately) on Talk of the Nation should be here around 6 (it comes at the end of the program). Joe started off with a joke (or something) about the good news being that it was hot -- maybe he hopes hot weather will keep down Ned's GOTV effort?

Joe actually took questions from a couple of callers. One guy from New Haven got him to tie in the Israel-Lebanon conflict with Iraq. And Joe claimed Clinton called Ned supporters "nutty".

I'm sure there's more. The "neutral" observer made at least one outrageous anti-netroots comment, but I can't remember what it was.
Looks like College Republicans need a lesson in grammar. "I hope everyone is enjoying their summer" should, in fact, read as follows: "I hope everyone is enjoying his or her summer." A singluar pronoun requires a singular antecedent. I guess Princeton will accept anyone these days...especially if he or she is a Republican!
I'm wondering if Sue Haigh, Brian Lockhart, Mark Davis, Ann Kornblut or Adam Nagourney are planning on writing a story about how Joe Lieberman is PAYING FOR REPUBLICANS TO COME WORK FOR HIM (caps because it's so absurd).

I won't bet my life savings on it...
Lieberman does most of Lamont's work for him. What a doofus.
No need to use students when he has so many Republican grownups to help him.
Just goes to prove: You can't get more Republican than Joe Lieberman!
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