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Saturday, August 12, 2006


The 2008ers

Hillary, Bayh, Feingold, Warner, and Edwards have all already come out strongly in support for Ned Lamont (D-CT) and the Democratic Party.

But Wes Clark and Bill Richardson have gone the extra mile by pointedly and publicly calling on Joe Lieberman (Lieberman-CT) to end his harmful do-over run. Hopefully others will soon follow, especially in the wake of Lieberman's Rove-coordinated takedown of Democrats on national security this week.

Gen. Clark:

You see, despite what Joe Lieberman believes, invading Iraq and diverting our attention away from Al Qaeda and Osama bin Laden is not being strong on national security. Blind allegiance to George W. Bush and his failed "stay the course" strategy is not being strong on national security. And no, Senator Lieberman, no matter how you demonize your opponents, there is no "antisecurity wing" of the Democratic Party.

Indeed, Connecticut Democrats recognized all of this, and yesterday they chose Ned Lamont as their nominee for the U.S. Senate. Now, I hope you'll join me in supporting Ned as he heads into the general election this November....

I committed myself to supporting the Democratic nominee for the US Senate in Connecticut, and I ask you to do likewise. Because too much is at stake with our troubles abroad and at home, we cannot play games this Election Day. That's why I call on all loyal Democrats to join me in urging Senator Lieberman to drop his bid for the Senate as an Independent and endorse the duly nominated Democrat.

Gov. Richardson:

Joe Lieberman is a good friend of mine, a true public servant who has served his constituents and the Democratic Party well.

However, after a hard-fought race Connecticut's Democratic voters chose Ned Lamont as their candidate for US Senate.

I look forward to supporting Ned as he fights to help Democrats take back the Senate, and I call on Joe Lieberman to respect the will of the voters and step aside.

The Pro-Saddam wing of the Democratic party makes itself heard.
The Pro-Saddam wing of the Democratic party makes itself heard.

Yes, the Pro-Saddam wing!! We live in an infinitely complex world of global markets, emerging technologies, and dire security challenges, but none of that matters to you. You've got it all figured out! Ned Lamont Democrats think that invading Iraq was a bad idea because it wasted billions of dollars and bolstered terrorist groups. They think it because they all secret like Saddam! You're a genius! How did everyone miss that? It was so obvious!

The Pro-Saddam wing of the Democratic party makes itself heard.

Ah, the pro-Osama wing of the GOP trolls first!

How ya doin' Mel? That is your name, right Mel? You're a corporate lobbyist for the energy and pharma industries, based in Connecticut?

Yes, what you have to say means a lot to us ignorant rabble...
Given the recent visit to Communist North Vietnam by Rumsfeld...

An Upbeat Rumsfeld and Vietnam Agree to Broaden Ties

Published: June 5, 2006

"HANOI, June 5 — The United States and Vietnam agreed today to increase their military contacts and to discuss additional ways to broaden their defense cooperation, American officials said.

The understanding was sealed in talks between senior Vietnamese officials and Donald H. Rumsfeld, who was making his first official visit to Vietnam as defense secretary."

And given the trade agreements Republican retail giant Wall Mart has with Communist China and the U.S. debt that Communist China holds, one wonders who the Communist wing of the Republican party wouldn't sell out to.

Perhaps the key question for the Communist Republicans is "how much?"
Well, the wingnuts are sure lining up behind Joe (big surprise) - see Agitprop's Wingnut Roundup.
Any bets on what the Lieberman/Bush/Cheney "October Surprise" will be this year?

I'll bet it will be a doozey.
Russ Feingold gave Lamont the best unofficial endorsement that he could give when he was on MTP in June. When asked by Russert about the CT primary, he replied that "Ned Lamont's position on issues is closer to his than Lieberman's are." Feingold refused to campaign in the primary because he would respect the wishes of CT voters, but I hear that now that the primary is over, he is itching to come to CT and stump for Lamont.

The only 2 Dem Prez candidates I'd support are 1) Al Gore and 2) Russ Feingold. I'm not keen on the others.
awesome, even I could beat them
Wes Clark has actually sent 2 emails to his supports asking them to demand Lieberman step aside in this race in addition to supporting the Democratic cause by writing an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal on Thursday blasting the Republican spin machine about the race.

One more time, a warrior steps up to do battle. This time for Ned Lamont!
yeah Red Ned Lamont. Ohhhh My Wes Clark
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Pinko Ned and ooooh Wes Clark how intimidating.
It's nice to see Democrats acting like Democrats again. Thank You Ned Lamont!

Goper's Lament
Let's see, the 'pro-saddam' wing of the Democratic party. Saddam was overthrown (according to the latest rationalization) so that democracy could be installed. One candidate is respecting democracy in Connecticut, and the other is rejecting the wishes of voters. Who is the 'pro-Saddam' candidate?

One candidate won by motivating people to get out and get involved in our democracy. The other, hiding in his spider hole of denial, is trying desperately to hold onto power through fear and intimidation. Who is the 'pro-Saddam' candidate?
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