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Saturday, August 12, 2006


Gerstein: Cheney and Rove As Bad As Pelosi and Reid

Greg Sargent:

A few days ago, Election Central wondered aloud where Joe Lieberman, who thinks of himself as a real Democrat, stands on the fact that his political travails have become one of the most important components of the GOP's midterm efforts to slime the whole Democratic Party as weak. Would he in the interests of the Democratic Party demand that the Republicans stop using him as a GOP talking point?

So we posed a question to the Lieberman campaign: Given that Lieberman is being used for the GOP's attacks on the Democratic Party, will he call on the GOP to stop it? And the Lieberman campaign has given us an answer....:

"Joe Lieberman has no interest in being Dick Cheney or Karl Rove's political football, just as he has no interest in being a political football for Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid. In fact, he's fed up with this kind of petty partisan game playing which is stalemating Washington and blocking progress on the problems people care about. That is exactly why he is campaigning for a new politics of unity and purpose that will deliver results for the people of Connecticut. The Republicans and Democrats in Washington can spin the results any way they want, but Joe Lieberman is focused on bringing meaningful change for his constituents."

Whatever happened to "I'm a loyal Democrat"?

Was Joe saying that last week, or the week before? I have such a hard time keeping all of this straight...

Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid have removed all bipartisan checks and balances and have personally stalemated the House and Senate with minority partisanship.

Let's see, can we say that Karl Rove has given Liberman's campaign the green light to use Karl and Dick as the whipping boys so Lieberman can distance himself from Bush?

Clever. Very Rovian.
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